The Franklin Sylvester Room

The Franklin Sylvester Room
For genealogy and local resources at the Medina Library.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Downloading ebooks...

I have downloaded books from the Istore and from I find them really nice "reading" while traveling. But I thought I would try one of the books from CPL's selection. So I "reserved" one online. When it became available, I had to first download the Overdrive Media software. No problem. I download software on a frequent, though by no means daily, basis. So I downloaded and installed it. But every time I tried to "click" on my book to listen to it, I received an error message. My husband, the computer geek, said he sees these types of messages all the time and there's really no fix for them. (I thought he just didn't want to be bothered.) So I copied down the error message and contacted our Technology Department, who referred the question to CPL. (Maybe they didn't want to be bothered either?) Anyway, CPL got back to me in 4 days and told me to uninstall the Overdrive Media software and reinstall it. (So, my husband was right. There's no fix, you just start from zero and start over.) Unfortunately, my book had expired and I could no longer "read" it...

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