Saturday, May 10, 2008

Serendipity in genealogy...

Liz Barr, one of Medina's pages, found some old papers in a book in the Medina Friends' booksale. The papers were dated Apr. 22, 1926 and appear to be an English Literature
composition and were signed by Donald Bittner.

I checked the Medina phone book and found about half a dozen Bittner's listed. But Bill Bittner, now retired, was for many years, MCDL's insurance representative. I called and left a message on his voice mail about the papers and asked if he knew of Donald Bittner.

Today I found a phone message for me that says Donald Bittner was Bill's father and he will be thrilled to have the papers!! A strange string of events will help connect a son to his father's past!

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