Friday, July 31, 2015

Coming Soon to a Library Shelf Near You!

Beginner's Guide to Online Genealogy by
Michael Dunn - 929.1028 DUN

New books soon will be on the shelves at the Medina Library!

I LOVE it when we get new genealogy books. They don't always get the attention they deserve, so why not highlight a couple of them?

A Beginner's Guide to Online Genealogy by Michael Dunn is a very thorough beginner's guide. But it does have some issues:
  • It is very dry reading, just like a textbook. It has no illustrations to break up the text and illuminate the information.
  • It could be overwhelming to a lot of beginners.
  • Some of the information is already incorrect. (Dated information on )
  • The warning about critically evaluating online information and the abundance of "shoddy" family trees is only listed on page 221 in the Afterword. It should have been in the introduction. Imagine getting that far in the book and with your research only to realize you may have been misled!!
Unofficial Guide to by
Nancy Hendrickson - 929.1028

The second book is Unofficial Guide to  by Nancy Henrickson. This also seems to be a very complete, useful book. It is readable and does have pictures to break up the text and illustration the information presented. And on page 15, it has a list of genealogical myths that caution you to not be taken in. It has very good reviews on and several of the review that even experienced Ancestry users can learn something from this book.

If either of these books appeal to you, just click on the blue, underlined title and you will be redirected to the library catalog where you can place a hold for it!


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