Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Facebook and Local History

We all LOVE Facebook and how it keeps us connected to relatives and friends near and far. I have several Facebook cousins that I have never met in person and I LOVE that FB helps us get acquainted and keep in touch!

Hiya Elam!!

Facebook is also a great place to post pictures and share family stories and anecdotes. We all do that everyday when we post our vacation pictures and daily activities.

But have you ever given any thought to  how Facebook can help you with your research?

Most historical and genealogical groups have Facebook accounts. Hopefully, you have already Friended or joined the ones pertinent to your research. But there are other people who just have an interest and they will start a Facebook page on particular topics. These sites post pictures that then generate comments and reminiscences that reveal all sorts of information not even found in the history books.  Here are a few local ones:

Back to Spencer

Roadside History of Medina -

Some of the Genealogy groups I have joined:

Open groups:
Medina County Genealogical Society -
Gallia County Genealogical Society -
Delaware County History and ... -
Ohio Genealogical Society -

Interestingly, some of these FB pages are "closed" and you have to be a member, or be invited or ask to join in order to view and post on their pages. Here are some examples:

Genealogy of Gallia County -
Lawrence County Ohio Genealogy -
Marion Area Genealogy Society -
Medina County History and ... -

There are also FB pages for family groups. These are nearly always "closed" groups.

So dig around and see what you can find to further your research!

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fstuart1 said...

Thanks Kathy for the plug for Back to Spencer. And your blog allowed my to join 3 of your above mentioned organization. Thanks for all the work. Keep it up!