Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Book Review: The Stranger in My Genes by Bill Griffeth

Bill Griffeth photo from his Twitter profile
Bill Griffeth is a long time financial journalist with a impressive list of cable and TV programs to his credit, including his current gig as the co-anchor of CNBC's "Closing Bell". He has also written four books, the latest being The Stranger in My Genes 

Bill caught the genealogy bug in 2003 and had previously written "By Faith Alone: One Family's Epic Journey Through 400 Years of American Protestantism". Written in 2007, that book chronicled his research and his impressive family history going back to the Salem Witch Trials, during which one of his ancestresses was accused and executed.

In 2012, his cousin and fellow family historian, Doug, urged him to take a DNA test to learn what else they could discover about their family. He was not prepared for the results.

What he uncovered turned his world upside down. It truly rocked the foundation we all rely on; the intrinsic belief that we know who we are, who our family is, and where we fit into that family.

It also made 50% of his genealogy research inmaterial.

Bill  recorded his emotional roller-coaster as he integrated this new information into his identity. And he keeps the reader absorbed throughout. It was riveting from beginning to end.

If you are looking for a good, fast-paced, genealogical & DNA read, this is the book for you. I finished it in less than one day.

Borrow it from the library here.

And if you are interested in trying DNA testing for yourself, most of the companies are having sales for the holidays right now. See Judy Russell's post HERE.



Brett said...

Any ETA for an e-book version that can work with overdrive or even better for me an audio version?

Kat said...

It is available on Amazon as a Kindle book. But none of the libraries in NE Ohio (Cleveland Public Library & the Clevnet Consortia, Cuyahoga County Public Libraries or Akron Summit County Public Libraries) have it. Hard to say when, or if, they will purchase it. No sign of it being available on CD.

Anonymous said...

Great book review. Makes me want to find out what was revealed.