Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Medina County History Fair

Join us this Saturday for the second Medina County History Fair. 14 different historical and genealogical societies from Medina County will be on hand to display the history of our county and share what they hold in their collections. 

Ask Questions!

Share Memories!!

Become a member of your favorite group!

This event will be held in the Lobby and the Community Meeting Rooms on the first floor of the Medina Library at 210 South Broadway, Medina.

THANK YOU! To every historical & genealogical society who participated and to the 200 people who came through the exhibits!

1 comment:

Pat Morgan said...

A great event! It was wonderful to see how many people are interested in and value knowing about our county history. I was especially delighted to see families with children coming to look at the displays and to talk local history and genealogy. A wonderful day all around!