Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Dandelion Drive

No, this blog is not about my front yard. (Though we are using fewer weed killers because
dandelions are among the first blossoms that bees visit every spring. Did you know that?)

On May 21st., the second annual Medina County History tour will be taking place. Last year's tour tried to fit in as many of the historical societies who wanted to participate. This year the council wanted to focus on a section of Medina County, like how the Fall Foliage Tour does.

And the focus will be on the city of Medina.

And the map:

And for more details check out their  - Facebook page

On the 20th, the Lodi Railroad Museum is having a work day to spruce up the museum. If you are interested in helping out contact:
Lodi Railroad Museum
By Phone:
Joanne Slorgie - (330) 948-2482
Paul Bayus - (330) 887-5325

It is a great weekend for historians in Medina!

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