Monday, November 24, 2014


Here at the library, we notice a lull in genealogy researching from mid-November through the New Year as the genealogists are just as busy with the holidays as anyone else. And then there will be a rush mid-January, because of new leads to follow up on from conversations around the dinner table discussing family stories. We all know that the conversations will take place, but how many of us are prepared??  Prepared?? What do I mean by that??

The conversations around the dinner table or during football half-times are really informal genealogy interviews. And we should prepare for them as such. Create a quick genealogy kit that includes pencils/pens, notebook, blank ancestry & family group sheets, paper clips, your camera or smartphone and a list of questions that you want answered. And to get the ball rolling, think about bringing some old family photos to jog people’s memories.

So this holiday season, when you are packing up the pies, hams and turkeys, also remember to pack your quick genealogy kit. Then you will ready when great Uncle Bob starts regaling everyone with stories from his time in Korea.

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