Monday, November 10, 2014


But not tomorrow! Tomorrow is November 11th and all of the Medina County District Libraries are closed for Staff Development Day. Once every two years the library dedicates one day to training their staff on new library developments and technology. We see fellow staff members that we never get to see and we network about system-wide issues. It is a very rewarding day!

But every other Tuesday for the past year, either Lisa Rienerth or I, has staffed the Franklin Sylvester Room from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.. We answer members genealogy questions, great and small. From "My father's cousin's grandson is what relation to me?", to "Help me find my immigrant grandfather who stowed away on a boat."  Last week I worked on a version of the later question and it was a fascinating journey for both of us. The great grandfather was Greek and we did find his home town and date of naturalization. And we were thrilled!

These sessions are challenging and gratifying. For the newbies, we get an opportunity to start them on the path to a incredible journey of discovery. For the seasoned researcher, we offer a fresh set of eyes and a different perspective on their problem. For the member with a brick wall, we often refer them to resources and archives they did not know about.

But, PLEASE, don't arrive at a quarter til 4 and expect us to do miracle work for you! We're good, but we are not miracle workers!!

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