Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sadie Green

Sadie Green – the Person


     Sadie Green was a pioneer woman in many ways.  When other women her age were getting married, having children and keeping house, Sadie decided to pursue a career in nursing.  When World War I broke out, Sadie Green was among the nurses who reported for duty as a Reserve Army Nurse and nursed soldiers back to health in England and France.  
      After the war, Sadie became Medina County’s third health nurse and she served in that capacity until 1935.  She is often mistakenly cited as Medina's First Health nurse, but there were two before her: Miss Constance Hanna, also a World War I nurse, served from May of 1920 through June of 1922, and Miss Musse served from December of 1922 until Sadie Green took over in November of 1924. As the County Health Nurse, Sadie checked the school children for tonsillitis, bad teeth and lice.  She would drive ill children home from school and even found foster homes for children that needed them.  She would visit area jails and nurse inmates. 
    For all of her pioneering accomplishments, Sadie was not a woman’s libber.  She once said, “I remember when women got the vote.  They were going to clean up politics and all they did was dirty up themselves.”
   After leaving the Medina County Health Department, Sadie worked at hospitals in Akron and Columbus before “retiring” to the Veteran’s Hospital in Dayton, Ohio.  There she continued to take care of “her boys” and painted. Sadie died in 1986 at the age of 101.

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Thanks for the post. Enjoy reading them. The last one you posted about the shooting and trial I sent to a family member who had been looking for years for the information that your post provided. It filled many holes in his family history. Thank you for that one also. Francis Stuart.