Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Discover Medina

Medina Historical

Have you seen this site?  

Created by Shannon Conley's history classes at the Medina High School, this mobile app puts a lot of Medina's history right at your fingertips, literally. Just tap your smart phone or mobile device and away you go!

Every spring, Ms. Conley tasks her students to a historical research project and add it to the app. Focusing on the people, buildings, institutions and places of Medina County, the following are just a few of its offerings:

  • Ralph Waite
  • Dan's Dogs
  • Letha House
  • Spring Grove Cemetery
  • St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church
  • Austin Badger
  • The Farmer's Exchange
  • Rufus Ferris
  • The Medina Square with links to the Medina Court House, Cool Beans Cafe, Ormandy's Trains
  • Ella Canavan

The Smucker Building on Public Squareby Owen Ferris 

You can search the site from a box at the top of the page, or just browse the links on the map of Medina. Zoom the map in or out to see more selections.

While assisting the students with their research can be challenging, I always look forward to seeing what they have produced. 

Each topic includes a history, pictures and often, audio  or video snippets too! The app is available at the iOS App Store or at Google Play

Let me know which is your favorite topic!


The students came into the library for several weeks working on their projects. We were happy to help them, but sometimes were overwhelmed by the number of students coming in and the more intense research they were doing.  But, as you can see below, they appreciated our efforts!

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